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GPs Next-Gen Contextual Intelligence Platform Increases Brand Suitability, Improves End-User Engagement and Brand Recall on YouTube.

The future of digital advertising is undergoing changes such as third-party cookies and IDFA tracking restrictions in order to protect consumers. With that, new technologies are needed that are not user-identifiable.

GP rejects the relentless targeting that ignores the end-user's emotional needs, and instead seeks to understand the content they are consuming and deliver messaging that is highly relatable, memorable, and user-friendly. 

Origin of GP Logo

GP stands for Grand Apex.  It is based on the idea of reaching the highest point possible by creating best in class technology for buyers to achieve their greatest results. We wanted the name to be familiar, so we used the first letter “G” of “Grand”, the “P” of “APex” to create the name “GP”. The “G” and the “A” also come together in the shape of a mountain, creating the peaks that we are striving for.






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FreakOut's Philosophy

Give People Work That Requires A Person


Our mission is that through the use of our technology, people will have more time to dedicate to their creativity, service and innovation. We believe that we can make this world and technology sector better by making the best possible use of technology and our time.

FONA leads this new movement by building cutting edge technology and investing in top technology companies.


FreakOut's Values

FreakOut Group has an important set of values. While constantly reforming ourselves with these values, we work towards creating a more collaborative environment, through industry-leading technology and a strong business foundation.

Fail Forward
Not afraid to test boundaries and take on challenges, we believe that failure leads to progress and we instill this in our company culture every day.


Be Righteous
As market leaders, we place a high value on morals and business integrity with our colleagues as well as our partners.


Be Impactful
Always placing importance on unconventional ideas, values and creative thinking that will have strong, positive, and lasting outcomes for our industry.


Unbound Digital World
Everything we do is open and transparent. We believe this helps create a business environment where everyone can innovate and grow.