Case Study Q3 2022

The Marketer's Guide to Youtube Contextual Ads

YouTube is the most powerful video platform today. With 2 billion monthly visitors consuming 1 billion hours of video content daily, it's a great place to promote your brand. So how should you navigate such a large platform where so many different creators posting about so many different things? Curating content is tedious and the features that Google Ads or DV360 offer today are very limited. 


Adoption of the tools necessary to unlock Youtube video ID level contextual targeting, as well as increased knowledge with its possibilities, is required for the current new environment where 1-to-1  consumer id level micro targeting is significantly more difficult and unwelcomed.


This tactical guide from GP, a FreakOut Holdings company, illustrates how its proprietary technology turns individual video signals into the targetable attributes and can be triggered and used to effectively deliver brand messages only in the videos that are contextually aligned with your brand, which consequently leads to reaching and nurturing the highly relevant and engaged audience as well as minimizing wasted impressions.

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Next-gen Youtube Contextual Ads