GP Technology

GP by FreakOut understands Youtube video content by individual video id level.



GP analyzes hundreds of billions of Youtube videos, and listens to all of their signals, including in-video narratives, tags, titles, descriptions and creator statistics. GP then breaks all of this down into targetable attributes.


Next, GP takes these words or attributes that you want to target, and enables your ads to interact with a more highly engaged audience. Promoting better brand suitability, brand recall, and brand safety while eliminating wasted spend on irrelevant content. You will find that your measured statistics on platforms like Google analytics are better as well.

GP Brand Safety Tech Automatically Blocks Inappropriate Content


There is more unsavory (brand-damaging) video material on YouTube than you may think, and you can't determine it merely by the title, description, or channel popularity. Google Ads and DV360 do not provide a reliable means to prevent such material. Furthermore, due to a policy change implemented by YouTube in June 2020, your advertising may be shown on newly founded and insufficiently verified YouTube channels. The importance of brand safety in YouTube Ads has grown even more.

GP examines not just text-based data but also in-video narratives, filtering out videos containing improper or sensitive material.

In-Video Content Classification and Screening


Simply analyzing frames of video pictures does not provide the whole narrative of what the movie is about. This is particularly true on YouTube, where many creators are just speaking in front of a camera in the same studio setup. In addition to analyzing in-video storylines and breaking them down into targetable qualities, GP AI flags improper material to boost GP's brand safety competence.

GP Eliminates Wasted Impressions

aligned_delivery_comparison (1)

When you typically run a Youtube Affinity Targeting, just 15% of the ads are served on brand suitable content. When installed with GP's contextual granular level, video ID controls, 95% of delivery will be served on brand aligned content.

Granular Video ID-based Optimization


When other ad technologies detect a few videos that are unrelated or improper for your brand, they need to block the whole channel. If you target popular YouTube creator channels, you will miss out on the chance to display your advertising in tens of thousands of additional brand-safe videos.