Next-Gen In-Video Contextual Intelligence

Bridging the Gap Between
Content and Ads

GP’s technology allows marketers to navigate YouTube’s vast and complicated video ecosystem. Our technology analyzes every aspect of video content, allowing brands to specify keywords, actions, and other variables to reach the most relevant content and audiences.

In parallel, GP tech is able to understand content dialogue and/or video content that has the potential to damage a brands image and remove it. This results in more better awareness, more brand suitability, and more consumer engagement from your YouTube campaigns.


Advanced Contextual Targeting

By leveraging AI and machine learning across billions of videos on YouTube, GP is able to accurately analyze, target, and serve ads to a highly relevant and engaged audience. GP helps to curate content and find an audience that is eager to interact with your brand’s message




Brand Safety

GP’s more sophisticated understanding of in video contextual signals goes beyond traditional measures of detecting undesirable content and allows for highly customized brand safety/suitability measures.



Eliminate Waste

After analyzing the content of countless YouTube videos, GP. is able to remove the majority of misaligned content from a brands campaign. This prevents wasted ad spend on audiences who will never interact with your message, which results in better brand recall, more engagement, and more effective YouTube ad campaigns.




of campaigns experience
brand lift  


and 24 languages



videos analyzed
every day


more engagement

GP significantly minimizes targeting on content that is not suitable for your brand which improves user sentiment and brand relevance.

By understanding the content that users consume at a more granular level, GP is able to deliver more effective messaging for your brand, in a safe and suitable environment.